VIr industrial valves – History and mission statement

Founded in 1989 and situated in Boisbriand, Industriels Valves & Raccords Quemau Inc., is one of Quebec's fastest growing manufacturers representative in the Industrial, Petroleum, Pulp & Paper, mining and municipal sectors.

Today I.V.R.Q. Inc. is recognized as an exclusive agent for products that meet or exceed industry standards demanded by the Customers.
Our team of professionals, with many years of experience, is committed to provide assistance of correct valving selection, controls and instrumentation packages and help in the area of problem solving applications.

We are committed to people and their ever-changing needs.
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MISSION STATEMENT    "Customer first policy"
Committed to people and their ever changing needs!

The CUSTOMER is the fundamental reason why we exist. Whether communication takes place in person, in writing or simply by phone. The CUSTOMER does not depend on us, instead it is we who depend on the customer. The CUSTOMER is first and formost a human being with feelings and not a number or a statistic to be used carelessly. Our customer first policy serves to remind us how to conduct our business with people everyday, something that seems to have been forgotten by others a long time ago.